Friday, April 23, 2010

The PIVOT running club

Teammates that run together...

Blake, Tyna, Liz (aka the new girl) & AQ

Great run this Friday, 4.23.10.
Perfect way to cap off a busy week.


  1. Why are you running? Is someone chasing you? Sorry, it's Friday and you know how we kicked off this weekend! It was a good exercise in emotional wellness, all of us together in the same room celebrating this month's successes!

  2. Aside from the Studies that have shown the health benefits of running and reducing your chances of common cold to cancer, I feel GREAT. It's the best metabolic fat burning exercises for physical conditioning and your heart- THANK YOU!
    My flow of blood is noted in the transforming clarity and mid day regeneration after a waterfront 6-7 mile run!Did someone say OXYGEN?

    It a great stress-reliever and helps me stave off those mild depressive blues that the NWesterner's all get in Portland.

    After a morning of fast paced student interactions and training I return, euphoric, clear, and calm state they feel after a long run.

    Another bonous is catching up with the gang while running and dancing it out atthe crosswalks!