Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Break Send Off

Great Staff & Student Bowling Event
We have some serious bowlers on this team!


  1. Wow! Bowling was fun. What a healthy and fun activity!

  2. A fantastic send off! It's rare that we can venture out of the world of training, support and academia, but a little white and pink collar bowling got the job done for us!

    Every sport has its rules of etiquette. So it is in bowling.

    Team PIVOT Managed a Perfect Game!

    1. Foul line was at all times observed. No foul lanaguage to boot!

    2. No one was tempted tp do a two-ball a pinboy.

    By this, I mean we didn't "chuck'er" or fire another ball down the lane before the first was returned. While a CRAZYLY hilarious senario- don't injure the pin-boy.

    3. Everyone on team PIVOT remebered their socks.

    (Do I have to expalin this one? Shoe renatl - enough said....)

    4. Remain on the bench until it is your turn to bowl.

    5. There is no rule against body english.
    Well, there was a little pushing at the organiz burrito bar afterwards- CHA CHA CHA.

    6. "Give the bowler on your right preference at all times."

    How would I expallin to HR that I took out my CD with a poly carbon bwling ball?

    7. Eliminate dilly-dallying between shots.

    Dear Tyna, Delivering farewell gifts to the trainees while fun is not "dilly- dalling." You are in the clear.

    8. Don't distract or bother other bowlers.

    Okay, I get excited...

    9. Be ready to bowl when it is your turn.

    Okay, so I was playing "jumpin' jackpot!"

    10. Confine your remarks to those on the bench.

    Texting your comment of frustration is apropriate here...

  3. I have come to understand why I had 4 spares that should have been strikes. After a gutter ball on the first half of the frame, I was very "determined" to take it out on the pins. Unfortuantely, that is no way to capitalize on scoring after a spare.