Sunday, November 22, 2009

Successful Team "Wrap" Party

Great team lunch on Friday!!!
It was fun and healthy, everyone brought in yummy goodies to add to our tortilla wraps.
Planning on more themed potluck lunches to tie in nutrition to our fitness goals.


  1. The wrap party was fun and yummy too!

  2. So Yummy..lets do it again, and again. Hard to top the wraps....maybe bring your favorite healthy snack lunch?

  3. I think we should do wraps again...I missed it and am very jealous!

  4. Team Building with Cooking:

    Cooking can be integrated into a competition (a cook off) or it can be done in the spirit of cooperation, where small groups each create one part of a larger meal. Best of all, eating together promotes team spirit because it harnesses deep-seated feelings of togetherness.

    Okay, so making wraps doen't require heat, but it is cooking! Team PIVOT found that building with cooking has a number of advantages. First of all, cooking is easy to explain procedurally, so organizers can pass along specific instructions (recipes) for each team. Some people are more comfortable in the kitchen than others, so you can encourage ad hoc mentoring, as long as you ensure than the mentor actually steps into the role – the danger is that he or she will be given the bulk of the work.