Saturday, December 12, 2009


The holidays are upon us.

The Team is still on a roll. The most popular team activity is stretches w/Carolyn. She is getting very innovative by incorporating office equipment! Go Carolyn.

Yoga w/Yogi Marleen & Blake is a close second.
Flexible Body, Flexible Mind.


  1. I love the stretches with Carolyn, they really help relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders from sitting at a computer all day.

  2. PIVOT is the only office that I will probably ever work at and be called "YOGI" Blake!

    Leading Yoga for 45 days was a blast! Desk jobs are hard on the body. Working for long hours at a computer can cause back pain, headaches and mood swings.

    Office Yoga helps the desk-bound to stay flexible, look better, keep the emotions on an even keel, and think more clearly in only a few minutes!

    Office Yoga can help you to solve specific problems such as eliminating (without drugs) headaches, or neck, wrist or back pains.

    Although based on traditional yoga, you don't need to be a swami to do Office Yoga. In fact, the exercises are easy and really fun to do. When your co-workers see you doing Office Yoga, they will likely want to do it, too.

    PIVOT had some serious devotees in our Yoga period!