Friday, October 2, 2009

new team focus-fitness

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We will be focusing on FITNESS for the next 3 months.

Team activities include:

-stretches w/carolyn
-stairs w/sarah
-yoga w/blake & marleen

Please feel free to share any fitness goals you have.
My goal is to maximize my energy level with activities including running, yoga & pilates.

OK- your turn...


  1. My goal is to be more consistent with my walking even when it is raining outside.

  2. My personal goal is to dance freely everyday and focus on creative forms of physical expression. We purchased an exercise ball yesterday and some additional weights. I would really like to work on my strength training so that I can go rock climbing with my beloved. At work my goal is to get back into the routine of doing the MP stairs daily during lunch. Please join me! Sarah

  3. My fitness goal this year is to run 1/2 marathon in March with Anh Quan and continue to train for the Portland Marathon next October. For now, getting back into a routine where I can run 4-7 miles 5 days a week is a good goal. I am currently running up to 4.5 miles about 3-4 days a week. I would like to start some Yoga with Marleen and Blake! Carolyn's stretches are perfect to end my day and Sarah - I am going to join her at minimum once a week for stairs. Being physically fit and releasing my stress #1 & #2 goals for this upcoming year!

  4. Jessica and I joined Bally Total Fitness this week. Due to a great promotion, we have national memberships. Though my preferred location is a mile from my home, which maximizes the likelihood of regular workouts; I made my first visit to a location that is en route to work. I enjoyed my first pre-work work-out and found it was a nice way to start the day. Friday will definitely be a regular date, casual dress makes it easy and Football Friday on Sports Center is fun to watch while listening to my rockin' tunes.

    My fitness goals? Make exercise beyond toddler chasing a priority again in my life. I most want to improve my cardiovascular health.

  5. I am back in the swing of things with running. Still trying to catch up with Anh Quan, but working out hard and making it each and every day. Yesterday AQ and I ran 5 miles after doing 4 flights of stairs in the North Parking Lot. We are hoping to hit some stairs and a possible 3-4 mile run today. Running daily through the week is challenging, but helps release the stress for me the most. I find that I am more productive and less stressed when I am active! I LOVE IT!

  6. Well, as my coworkers know, I am having a hard time doing most of the activities we have planned as a team because I fell a couple of weeks ago and broke my foot. But, that does not mean I can't keep my upper body in shape by doing chair exercises and stretches with Carolyn on the days she offers them. So, I have measured my arms, which is a place I want to tone up and through out the next few weeks I will be trying to reduce the "Flab" in my arms. Even if I only reduce the size by 1/4" that is something and I won't have wasted this time that I could not use my legs. So the goal is to be able to wear tank tops next summer!!!!